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We had an overwhelming response to this competition and were blown away by the effort and
creativity put in. A big thank you for all of your entries, here are the judges winners:

Overall winner


This image captured all three judges’ imaginations as at first glance, one is not sure if it is a real image. Great lighting and composition has utilised sofnolime canisters to double as remarkable atmospheric ice cubes, and the seal itself is looking down the camera. Fantastic image.

Runner Up

This image showed great creativity with some of the props underwater and the split level image well composed. The stand-out feature was the curious cat who appears to be wondering just what on earth is going on down there.

Highly Commended

This split level shot was so reminiscent of a sunset and the atmospheric use of light and colour distracted from the very obvious bathroom scenery. It nearly has the power to transport us to a warm and sunny tropical destination. Great escapism for many of us.

We loved this for the sheer effort that went into creating this photo. So many entries showed huge effort and creativity, and this showed great use of real ice as well as capturing the feel of polar waters. The fourth element logo swayed one of the judges too.

The Cat fishing made us chuckle. The twist comes when you look closer and realise that the cat appears to have been pulled into the water: looking at the expression on the fish’s face makes you wonder who is predator and who is prey.

A very clever concept using the surface of the water to double as the surface from above, giving the impression of a perfectly timed shot of a diver rolling into the water. Beautifully still surface, which anyone who tried this will agree is difficult in itself combined with the perfect capture. The magic was injected by rotating the image 180 degrees.


Incredible efforts behind the scenes.

Incredible effort but technically not under bathwater.

Made the judges chuckle with a different take on a classic photo.

Great interpretation of under bathwater – shot in a birdbath… fantastic.

To view all the entries search #UnderBathWater on Instagram

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