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OceanPositive Beach Towel

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What makes this OceanPositive?


Made in Portugal from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton, meeting the highest standards for social and environmental textile production.

Organic Cotton is grown without chemical pesticides, and ensures that waste water from the agricultural process is not contaminated with chemical residues, meaning that it can return to the water course. The production of cotton, and indeed most fabrics, is water intensive but organic protocols mean that waste water can be recycled.

Each sale of this towel also contributes to the conservation of glass sea sponges.

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10% of every sale goes to the Glass Sponge Reefs Project


This towel design was inspired specifically by the glass sea sponge. A unique sponge due to their ability to regenerate on the foundations of deceased sponges. They filter 250,000 litres of water every 24 hours, are home to over 85 living species and can absorb as much carbon as 1 hector of temperate rainforest. Their intricate, lattice-like skeleton structure is marvelled and admired by scientists and engineers alike, in awe of the compression they can withstand at depth. The only living glass sponge reefs that can be reached by humans exist in Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada. These complex yet humble creatures deserve to be recognised and protected.

Since 2012 the Howe Sounds team has been conducting exploratory dives to document the glass sponge reefs that have recently been discovered.

While operating independently, they work collaboratively with researchers and citizen science groups to share their observations. Their technical dive team is completely composed of volunteers dedicating their time, equipment and money to help study these reefs in efforts to help raise awareness of their existence and raise the urgent need for protection and conservation of these animals.

If you were to pick a species to take care of the life on this planet you would not pick humans for the job, but here’s my point, we have been chosen! We have been given the role as custodians of this planet and we are the only life form on the planet who can knowingly make a difference.

Hamish Tweed, founder of the Glass Sponge Research Initiative

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