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Halo A°R Gloves FAQ

All you need to know about the new drysuit gloves from fourth element

The HALO A°R gloves were developed to be used essentially as ‘glove liners’ for your outer drysuit glove – so they are worn beneath the outer rubber glove, staying dry and doing the job of keeping your hands toasty during a drysuit dive.

They can also be used in many other scenarios including hiking, ski-ing, effectively anytime that you want to keep your hands warm!

The HALO A°R gloves have no fibres like wool that can get trapped in the seals. Many who have tested them in ice waters have said that they are warmer than the icelandic wool gloves. The aerogel in the gloves maintains your hand warmth throughout the dive.

The HALO A°R gloves are true to size and have a short, tight cuff that makes it much easier to fit the dry gloves on.

Good wet gloves are great in warmer waters or warmer climates. But when it’s real winter in colder countries, then having wet hands is just not acceptable as everything instantly freezes as soon as you surface. When it’s windy the evaporative cooling is quite severe as soon as you remove wet gloves. So whilst you may be ok underwater for a short time, the real issue is when you surface.

In terms of warmth, the HALO A°R gloves are in another league – with phenomenal insulation properties, this material enables the HALO A°R gloves to achieve extreme thermal protection from a thinner, less buoyant diving glove. With a wind and water-repellent stretch outer layer, this is a glove which can be worn in total comfort, all day.

No additional liner is needed, just the glove, and then your outer rubber glove.

We have it on good authority that the HALO A°R gloves are as warm and a lot less hassle than a heated glove, especially for dives that are less than 45 mins or so!

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