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10% for you | 10% for the ocean

This weekend, 10% of every OceanPositive sale will contribute to the removal of ghost nets which entangle large amounts of sea turtles, leading to severe and sometimes fatal injuries.

Use code TURTLE10 at checkout

The Olive Ridley Story

The Olive Ridley Project (ORP) is on a mission to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation, education and outreach and scientific research. At the core of their work is a passionate and dedicated team of scientists, conservationists, citizen scientists and volunteers.

The Olive Ridley Project was founded by Dr Martin Stelfox in 2013. Working as a biologist in the Maldives, he encountered a countless number of olive ridley sea turtles entangled in abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing nets. Martin was curious to understand why this was happening and questioned where the nets were coming from and enlisted the help of other biologists and citizen scientists.

In addition to scientific research, ORP started focusing on sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation, and on education and outreach. In 2017, they opened the first veterinarian run marine turtle rescue centre in the Maldives, swiftly followed by a second rehabilitation centre in 2019. They also grew their education and outreach programs through workshops, seminars, meetings and presentations. They identified a need to highlight the threats faced by sea turtles to scientists, conservationists, policy makers and the general public worldwide, resulting in new research priorities such as sea turtle population health and abundance, threats to sea turtle habitats, as well as spatial ecology, parasitology, sea turtle behaviour, genetics and fishery related threats.

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