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OceanPositive Packaging

Single-use plastic packaging just isn’t OK anymore. It pollutes our water ways, suffocating marine life and breaking down into micro plastics which enter our food chain. We still aren’t perfect but we’re improving and working hard to become single-use plastic free.

No More Microplastics

Water soluble | Recyclable | Compostable
Biodegradable | Non-toxic | Marine-safe
Zero waste

Our No More Microplastics packaging is 100% water soluble, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable – eliminating the problems that plastic usually causes when we attempt to dispose of it.

The bags are made using a special polymer known as Polyvinylalcohol (PVOH), which is water-soluble and breaks down quickly and safely in the marine environment without attracting other toxins or forming microplastics, as traditional polymers would.

PVOH is broken down into water, carbon dioxide and trace minerals in the same way that other naturally occurring polymers like cellulose, carbohydrates and proteins biodegrade. The material does not form toxic microplastics and there are no harmful products involved in any stage of the breakdown and biodegradation process, making it completely safe for humans, animals and marine life. The ink used is also non-toxic and food-safe, so there is no chemical residue remaining as the bag breaks down.

To dispose of your bag, you can simply boil your kettle and dissolve the bag in water 70ºC or above. In colder water, dissolving will take longer, but this will not prevent the bag from biodegrading. If your bag DOES find its way into landfill, it will biodegrade fully and naturally without leaving any toxins or microplastics.

Paper Bags

We have replaced our old poly bags with paper alternatives for our t-shirt ranges.

These are made from recycled kraft paper and are F.S.C approved, ensuring sustainable forestry practices.

These paper bags can be recycled again in your kerb-side paper recycling.


What’s the best kind of sustainable packaging? No packaging at all.

We think our chunky hoodies do just fine unwrapped so we’ve left them naked apart from the shipping packaging they get delivered in.

Wraps & Sacks

Our X-Core and Thermocline products are made with recycled materials so it seemed only fitting these would be the first of our technical wear to move to non-plastic options.

We’ve trialled card wraps and heavy duty sacks, both of which can be recycled in your usual kerb-side recycling, just remember to remove any stickers first and dispose of responsibly.

Cardboard Boxes

We made a big change to our footwear packaging in 2019 by resizing all our boxes, reducing the volume by up to 21%. This means shipping less air from our suppliers, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our boots.

We’ve also changed the bulk of the box to a Kraft card which is made from recycled materials and can be reused and recycled over again. The brightly coloured wraps are made from a silk card which can also be recycled in your kerb-side card recycling.

Delivery Options

We’ve switched from vinyl tape to a gummed paper tape on our big shipment boxes and all our direct web orders come in either a cardboard box or heavy duty paper sack, both of which can be reused and recycled.

Swing Tags

We’ve got rid of the traditional little plastic kimble tag commonly found on swing tags and instead use a simple paper sticker tag.

Unfortunately the sticky bit on stickers gets caught in recycling equipment, therefore, stickers and paper with stickers on it should not be thrown in the recycling bin. Instead remove and dispose of responsibly.

Where To Next?

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