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Designed with cold water adventures in mind, the Hydra Drysuit is made from High Density Neoprene compressed from 7mm to 4mm, providing warmth whilst maintaining freedom of movement. Fitted with high-end Apollo Bio-Dry Valves, YKK AQUASEAL® dry plastic zipper and the Hydpro Smooth Pro low pressure hose, the slimline cut of the suit means easier air management and all round supreme performance.




The Hydra Neoprene Drysuit is designed with cold water adventures in mind. With a close fitting, streamlined style, the Hydra is warm and flexible. High Density Neoprene (HDN) is used in critical areas throughout the suit. Compressed from 7mm to 4mm, HDN fuses the thermal protection of neoprene with a greater consistency of buoyancy throughout the dive. HDN is laminated with hardwearing fabric on the outside for excellent abrasion resistance, and smoother linings on the inside to increase comfort and aid donning.

Supratex linings protect critical wear areas in the crotch and underarms without limiting freedom of movement. Parts of the suit normally exposed to additional abrasion such as shoulders, waist and knees have a tough Durawear print.

Seams are fused and blindstitched before being taped on the inside and external plasma seams prevent abrasion from your equipment or environment.

Mobility is often the trade-off when opting for neoprene drysuits. The Hydra maximises this mobility with underarm gussets and the same composite YKK dry-zipper used in the Argonaut drysuit which is much more flexible and lighter in weight than the traditional brass zips. Our experience has shown that these zips, if looked after properly, will give extended, excellent performance.

Our 4mm compressed neoprene dryboots are fitted as standard. With double layer reinforcement, good grip and our ergonomic footbed, these boots are comfortable and reliable.

Fitted with Apollo Bio-Dry inflate and dump valves, the specification of this suit makes it your ideal companion for many cold water adventures. The Hydra is supplied with a Hydpro Smooth Pro low pressure hose. This braided hose is encased in a polyurethane coating which ensures low friction, flexibility and excellent durability even in cold temperatures.

Included with every Hydra is a 5mm Neoprene hood and Hydra Changing Bag.

4mm HDN fabric

Hardwearing outer lining for durability

Smooth inner lining for comfort

Close-fitting, streamlined design to minimise air management and maximise mobility

Neoprene neck seal for durability and additional warmth

Critical harness-wear areas in crotch and underarms are protected by Supratex linings

Durawear print protects key areas including waist and shoulders

Plastic YKK dry-zipper minimises bulk and weight and ensures maximum freedom of movement

Fused, blind-stitched and taped seams

Plasma seams on torso protect seams from abrasion caused by equipment

Warranty protection

90% Neoprene / 10% Nylon

Handwash 40°C with mild detergent.

Use soft brush to remove sand or other dirt.

No tumble drying.

No ironing.

Hang dry.

No bleaching.

Please refer to our size charts to ensure the best fit for you.

Q. What size will fit me best?

A. Use our interactive size chart to find the best match for you here. It is a slim fitting suit, so there should be room for a xerotherm or similar base layer, with space for an X-core vest if needed.

Q. What parts of the suit can be replaced?

A. All of the Hydra ‘loose’ accessories (such as the Seal Saver, hose and hood) can be replaced along with most parts of the Hydra suit itself. Boots, valves, seals and the Aquaseal zip can be replaced – please be aware that a charge will apply if replacements fall outside of our warranty or fair-use policy.

Q. Where can I get the suit serviced?

A. Most drysuit repair facilities can service neoprene drysuits. If you have any questions please call the office or email us at

Q. Is the suit under warranty?

A. Our Hydra drysuits come with a 24 month warranty from date of purchase on the neoprene and seams, not including fair wear and tear. We treat every issue on a case-by-case basis, and take into account the suit’s age, how many dives it has done, and how well it has been looked after. If the suit or any of its components appear to have been ill-treated or not cared for properly, repairs fees may apply.

The boots, valves, hose, Hydra bag and YKK Aquaseal zipper have 12 months warranty and the neoprene seals have six months warranty (from date of purchase).

Q. Can I get the suit altered to fit me?

A. We do not offer a made-to-measure service for our Hydra drysuits. Please consult the sizing chart to see which size should best fit you and feel free to contact us if you have any sizing questions.

Q. Can I change the boot size?

A. Each suit size comes with a selection of boot size options. If you require boots outside of the range offered, boots will need to be fitted post-production. This is a service we can offer at a charged cost. Please contact us on the number below or email for more information.

Q. Where can I get the seals repaired?

A. Any recognised repair centre that is able to glue and stitch neoprene can repair the seals for you, or replace the seals with spare parts from us. To find a recognised service centre, give us a call or email us at and let us know where you are located.

Q. Can I repair the seals myself?

A. It is possible to repair minor damage such as nicks and small tears using a neoprene cement like Black Witch. We strongly recommend that replacing the seals should only be undertaken by an experienced drysuit service technician.

Q. How much does the suit weigh?

A. The Hydra drysuits weigh between 3.2kg and 5kg depending on the suit size and boot size.

Q. How do you best care for your suit?

A. The suit should be rinsed thoroughly after each dive with cold, fresh water. Take care to clean the wash the valves and zipper, ensure all are free of dirt and sand.

Make sure that your suit is clean and dry before storage. If necessary, turn the suit inside out for drying the inside.

Store the drysuit in a dry, cool environment (between 25°C and -10°C), out of direct sunlight and away from machines that produce ozone.

Before storing the suit for any length of time, apply lubricant suitable for neoprene to the seals inside (supplied in the maintenance kit). Do not use perfumed cosmetic talc as it contains oils which can damage the neoprene.

Do not use oils or lotion on the seals. Avoid contact with copper.

Lubricate zipper and store with zipper closed.

To store, roll up the suit, starting at the boots, and place in the Hydra storage bag that came with your suit. Alternatively, place on a padded hanger.

WARNING! Do not bend boots.

Q. What do I do if the wrist or neck seal is too tight?

A. Neoprene seals can be carefully stretched to make them wider. You can use a 2ltr fizzy drinks bottle or similar and gently stretch the seal over it. Take care not to over-stretch the seal. We do not recommend cutting or trimming the neoprene seals, and doing so will invalidate your warranty.

Q. What do I do if the wrist- or neck seal is too loose?

A. If the seals are too loose, the most straightforward option is to have them adjusted to be tighter. This can be done by an experienced drysuit technician, please email us at for advice on this process.

Q. Can I return the suit if it doesn’t fit?

A. Yes, providing that it has not been worn for diving, you may return it to the place you bought it from and assuming that it is in the same condition as when it was sent to you, you can expect either a replacement suit in a different size, or a refund. Please be sure to contact the dive shop / company where you purchased the suit from in the first instance.

Q. Can I change the hood size?

A. The Hydra drysuit is provided with a hood which is pre-determined for the size of the suit, for example, a Large suit will come with a size Large 5mm Hood. If you require a different size, please contact your dealer as they may be able to swap the hoods over for you.

If you purchased the Hydra direct from fourth element and need a different hood size, please contact us via email at, where one of our team will help you.






Our Hydra neoprene drysuit is available in stock sizes with fitted boots. Use our handy calculator to find out which size is most suited to you.

* Inside leg measurements are taken from the crotch to the floor.

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