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Our wetnotes section is full of stories from above and below the sea, with many contributions from valuable members of the diving community and beyond. We bring you the latest news on what really matters to you, and to us.

Saving Sharks – The human touch

In 2018, fourth element supported Madison Stewart’s pioneering project to introduce eco tourism as a means of tackling a shark fishery on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. We caught up with Madi a year on to see how things were progressing and the results were beyond her expectations…

Tiger Time

Chances are, if you only know a few species of shark, tiger sharks are probably one of them. They are an iconic species found in most of the world’s temperate and tropical waters.

Together We Can

We asked three ocean advocates, people who are passionate about exploring, protecting and conserving marine life and the environment, about their work, their inspiration and their relationship with the ocean.

Better Nature

Our OceanPositive journey started with recycled ghost fishing nets – using them to make a product which we felt was better for the ocean and contributing to the reduction of plastic in our oceans. We keep reaching further.

Embracing the shadows

The shadows cast by their bodies under the Bahamian sunlight glide over the gold sand, the same light dancing on their backs as they swim chased by colorful rainbows.

Dog Days – Diving with the Swedish sea rescue dogs

Sweden currently has seven sea rescue dogs who, together with their handlers, assist in the search for lost people on land, in or under the water. Thanks to its fantastic sense of smell, the dog can pick up the scent of a person several kilometers away or at least 10 meters deep.

Protect what we love

Fourth Element’s Fin Collection takes inspiration from the shark in all its forms, naming each design after a chosen species. We asked seven inspirational divers, environmentalists, and ocean advocates to act as “shark ambassadors”, celebrating their work and their special connection with sharks and with the ocean.