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Our wetnotes section is full of stories from above and below the sea, with many contributions from valuable members of the diving community and beyond. We bring you the latest news on what really matters to you, and to us.

Land Of Light

Usually when we think of Iceland, an image is conjured up of treacherous snow, icy winds and freezing rains. And you wouldn’t be wrong, there’s plenty of that. But Iceland also offers some of the most magical sights (and dive sites) you’ll see in a lifetime.

How to be Guardians of the Ocean

As divers we are charged as custodians of the ocean. We do everything we can to protect it; from controlling buoyancy to collecting ghost net, making responsible food choices to planting new coral gardens, minimising plastic use to safe-guarding wildlife.

North Atlantic Diving

My name is Bogi Krossteig. I was born in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. The Faroes are in the North Atlantic Ocean – about halfway between Iceland and Scotland and they consist of eighteen small islands. It was almost inevitable that I would end up becoming a scuba diver...

Top 10 Watch & Read List

That glimmering blue expanse may seem very appealing right now but there are plenty of other ways in which you can enjoy the delights of the ocean right from your living room. Whilst we can’t play, we can still watch, read, listen and enjoy what the underwater world has to offer.

Great British Diving

We all know those famed bucket-list dive destinations, the ones that most divers aspire to visit one day… Red Sea, Raja Ampat, Silfra… the list goes on. We can get so caught up in our ‘dream dives’ that we forget to look at the diving available under our noses. Team diver Andy Torbet shares his top 10 UK dive destinations to help you get outside and submerge yourself around the British coastline.

Top 10 USA National Park Dives

Looking for some new dives in the States? Brett Seymour is the Deputy Chief of the US National Park Service’s Submerged Resources Center based in Denver, Colorado, supporting the protection and preservation of submerged resources, both in the US and internationally. Brett is the guy who knows dive sites. Here are his top 10 recommendations for diving right on your doorstep in America.

Anyone can be a hero

It all started back in 2013, working as a Dive Instructor in Thailand on a very tiny island called Koh Lipe. A Tsunami had hit 9 years prior back in 2004. Taking tours and guiding guests as a dive instructor, it was hard not to notice the effects of human consumption and poor waste management.

Get Packing

You’ve scoured reviews, researched and refined, and finally your dive holiday in the sun is booked. Now the next big question is, what on earth do I need to pack? Don’t panic. We’ve created some handy guides based on three common types of warm weather dive holidays

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