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Our wetnotes section is full of stories from above and below the sea, with many contributions from valuable members of the diving community and beyond. We bring you the latest news on what really matters to you, and to us.

Staycation Packing List

It looks like most of us aren’t going anywhere far this year and that’s fine by us! Our team have some tried and tested recommendations of items to take with you on your staycation to get the most out of this summer.


Concerned that he was more likely to see a shark on a menu than underwater, diver Graham Buckingham decided to challenge a local restaurant for serving shark fin soup. After several conversations the London restaurant decided to change its menu. The concept for Bite-Back was born. Since then thousands of people have used the charity’s ethos and materials to successfully challenge shops and restaurants in their own neighbourhoods.


Kids are far more powerful than they realize, they are the future and they have a voice. Jillian knew that if she created an interactive and engaging fact based program for the local Bahamian kids to learn about sharks, she could turn their fear into fascination. After all, this is their backyard and they must be part of the conversation.

Becoming OceanPositive | July 21

We set out our new intentions for OceanPositive last month on World Oceans Day, with some high ambitions of what we want to achieve in the next decade for the environment that we care for so dearly. July has already seen some exciting changes, so we invite you to check out our updates!

The Colours and Hidden Gems of Scotland

Scotland isn’t the diving capital of the world... however, Ross McLaren showcases through his underwater photography, that Scotland does in-fact home some incredible marine life, with unbelievable colours! Although it’s not the easiest diving you’ll ever do, when you do get that moment with the marine life, it makes it feel all the more special!

Sharks On Screen

Behind the scenes of shooting shark documentaries. It's fair to say that cinematographer Dave Abbott has gained some remarkable stories over the years of filming shark documentaries. Today, he shares with us some of his most memorable encounters with these 'iconic' big sharks themselves and sheds some inside light on how broadcasters can be responsible for their false reputation.

Local clean-up for a global change

A group of our staff joined an event planned by GUE and Ghost Diving Global on June 5th for a worldwide aquatic clean-up to honour World Oceans Day. We decided to undertake both a beach clean and a dive in order to clean up our local environment.

Investigating The Secret Lives Of Endangered Sharks And Rays

Over the decades, satellite tagging of endangered sharks and rays has become an increasingly common approach to investigate their movements and behaviour. Marine conservationist and fourth element ambassador Dr. Mark Erdmann works hard gathering important information needed to help protect these magnificent beings. Some species, due to either their size or habitat, call for more creative approaches to tagging...

It’s Grand Once You Get In

When I reopen my eyes, for the first time that morning I feel awake. Feet floating up in front of me, I look for the sun on the horizon. ‘Okay girls, lift that sun with your toes’ my friend calls. We line up, feet facing the sun and watch it rise into the sky. The view in front of us would rival any exotic destination.

Understanding The Great Divide

Before moving to Canada, Tom researched the area looking for possible cave diving sites to explore. Tales of expeditions of epic proportions by Martin Groves and the Alberta Speleological Society began to emerge. One site briefly visited caught his eye... Karst Spring.

The Biggest Problem You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

There's a serious threat to our oceans that few people know about and which every day is closer to causing untold damage to marine ecosystems across the globe. This is the threat of marine pollution caused by toxic chemicals leaking from the more than 8,500 potentially polluting shipwrecks that dot the world’s oceans.

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