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Amphibian and Pelagic - Diving Boots

The first diving boots in the world to feature ergonomic footbed insoles, the new Amphibian and Pelagic boots from Fourth Element are set to redefine comfort in diving footwear.

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The Amphibian diving boots are designed for a diver who wants the ultimate in support and protection. A stable footbed and hardwearing moulded outsole make this ideal for regular shore diving.

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The Pelagic boot is a lightweight comfortable warm boot. The addition of the footbed provides a stable chassis and greater comfort when finning and climbing ladders. It also makes them ideal for occasional shore diving.

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Ergonomic Insoles

The ergonomic insoles are specifically designed for diving, they give great support to the sole of your foot especially when carrying heavy dive gear. They feature a cushioning midsole, a stiff chassis with arch support and heel strike pad.

Dive Boot Features

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Heavy Duty Zip and Stopper

A common problem with dive boots is having the zip slide down during a dive, letting water in and making your feet cold. The heavy duty zip and in particular zip-stopper on the Amphibian and Pelagic boots reduce the risk of this happening, keeping the top of the boot tight around your ankle.

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Fin-strap Retainer

The Fin-strap Retainer does exactly what is says, keeping the strap up on the back of your heel. This has been carefully researched and tested to work with most diving fins on the market today. The cut-away at the back of the heel minimises stress on the Achilles tendon during finning, ensuring greater comfort during longer dives.

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Double Layer Reinforcement

Both boots have double layer reinforcement, on the top of the boot protects the foot from pressure of the fin's boot pocket and enhances comfort. It is made using recycled materials.

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Pelagic Hard Wearing Outsoles

The Pelagic's outsole gives great grip and comfort, whilst minimising weight. This makes it ideal for travelling and boat diving, but the addition of the ergonomic insole makes the Pelagic a versatile performer, more than capable of shore diving as well.

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Amphibian Hard Wearing Outsoles

The Amphibian's hard wearing optimised outsole gives a superior level of grip and maximum stability. This makes it ideal for shore diving, negotiating entry to the water especially over slippery rocks.

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Ergonomic Footbed

The Amphibian and Pelagic Boots are the only boots on the market today designed to include an ergonomic footbed/insole. This provides heel support and impact protection, arch support and cushioning underfoot. The stiff chassis enhances stability and increases comfort when climbing a ladder or shore diving carrying full kit. The midsole provides additional cushioning underfoot from impact and uneven surfaces. This incorporates a heel cup for heel support, arch support and additional protection from sharp objects underfoot. Climbing ladders in full kit is easier and it is more comfortable to stand and walk around wearing these boots due to the rigidity and support of the insole. Additional cushioning directly below the heel provides added impact protection when walking carrying dive equipment.

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Useful Information

Dive Boots Size Charts

Use the table below as a guide to help select which size Dive boots best suits you.

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UK Boots Sizes

4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13

US Boots Sizes

5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14

Boots Size Chart Reference

Unisex Sizes UK US EU
4 5 37
5 6 38
6 7 39.5
7 8 41
8 9 42
9 10 43
10 11 44.5
11 12 46
12 13 47
13 14 48