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Biomap - The Future is Now

Imagine that you could walk into a dive store, have two photos taken which will produce accurate measurements of your body, then customise your drysuit requirements and place an order for a suit that fits perfectly, the entire process being carried out using an iPad.

Imagine you could step into a fitting booth at a dive show, have your body scanned in 3D and have this scan determine what size suit you need, or to create the pattern of your made to measure drysuit.

Sound like the future?

The Future is Now

On 24 October 2015, fourth element launched BIOMAP, a new imaging system designed to revolutionise the way drysuits are ordered and made.

The BIOMAP system has been developed to enable measurements to be taken accurately in store or at dive events, and submitted automatically with a full specification for a drysuit via our new online system including the DRYSUIT DESIGNER, where you can specify your options to create your unique Argonaut.

BIOMAP.3D uses full body scanning to create a 3D model of your body from which hundreds of accurate measurements can be taken before determining what size suit you need, or, if made to measure is required, to create a unique pattern for your suit. uses two photos to create an accurate set of measurements enabling a suit to be ordered in a dive store with nothing more than a camera, and a computer connected to the internet.