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Argonaut - The Adventurer's Drysuit

The Argonaut drysuit has been developed for the harshest diving conditions on the planet.

Ergonomic design along with a telescopic torso allows maximum comfort and range of movement whether diving in conditions of extreme cold, using multiple thermal layers, or with lighter undersuits in warmer waters.

When you need the confidence that your suit combines years of manufacturing, design and diving experience to deliver ultimate performance, look no further.

Achieves European Standard EN 14225 - 2: 2005 for Drysuits in accordance with E U Directive 89/686/EEC.

The Argonaut Stealth is the newest addition to the suit line up featuring a lightweight, hardwearing and slightly stretchy trilaminate fabric that is optimised for maximum dive performance in any conditions.

The full suit range includes the Argonaut Flex, Argonaut Stealth and the Argonaut Stealth/Flex hybrid.

Argonaut 2.0

Argonaut 2.0 is the new pattern of the award winning Argonaut Drysuit that has been developed for the BIOMAP system. At the heart of this design process was the quest for improved mobility, stronger construction, greater streamlining, easier gas management, lighter weight and easier donning and doffing, but most importantly, the introduction of an improved women’s pattern, that fits beautifully.

The result is a suit which performs superbly, produced using a system to confidently size customers, or to produce a made to measure drysuit.

Argonaut Stealth

Forget you are wearing a drysuit

Experience unrivalled freedom of movement and protection

Travel light - arrive equipped for any adventure

Get a perfect fit for your drysuit using our award winning BIOMAP technology.



argonaut argonaut

Argonaut Stealth/Flex Hybrid
Mens and Womens Drysuits

Durability and Freedom of Movement

Using a combination of the stealth fabric on the torso and arms of the suit, with Flex trilaminate lower body, the Argonaut Hybrid suit gives excellent mobility, outstanding durability and the ultimate fit, thanks to the unique BIOMAP system and Argonaut 2.0 design.

  • Optional Extras

  • SiTech QCS Oval ring system with silicone seals and Antares dryglove system

  • SiTech Quick Neck seal system with silicone neck seal

  • SiTech TRIGON or Light Monkey p-valve

  • Neoprene neck and wrist seals


argonaut argonaut

Argonaut Stealth
Mens and Womens Drysuits

Lightweight, hardwearing protection

With Stealth fabric throughout the suit providing the ultimate combination of stretch and lightweight durability, donning the Argonaut Stealth feels more like putting on your favourite jacket. Once on however, the unparalleled freedom of movement due to a combination of the fabric’s performance with our unique pattern makes this our most versatile drysuit.

  • Optional Extras

  • SiTech QCS Oval ring system with silicone seals and Antares dryglove system

  • SiTech Quick Neck seal system with silicone neck seal

  • SiTech TRIGON or Light Monkey p-valve

  • Neoprene neck and wrist seals


argonaut argonaut

Argonaut Flex

Durability and Comfort

A specially engineered durable Flex trilaminate material is used throughout, making the Argonaut Flex an extremely rugged suit. This fabric has already been specified for military use and features hardwearing fabrics laminated with a flexible butyl layer for the ideal balance of durability and comfort.

  • Optional Extras

  • SiTech QCS Oval ring system with silicone seals and Antares dryglove system

  • SiTech Quick Neck seal system with silicone neck seal

  • SiTech TRIGON or Light Monkey p-valve

  • Neoprene neck and wrist seals

Argonaut 360 Tour



      ““…the best freedom of movement I ever tried in a drysuit. I have been test diving the new fabric for some time now and it seems like it is strong and durable as well” Rasmus Dysted, PADI Course Director, IANTD Instructor, TDI Instructor, Rebreather Instructor and Instructor Trainer.

      “really impressed how flexible and light the suit is. It felt like putting on a Gore-Tex jacket, so easy and comfortable also take the suit off is so simple.” Rene Lipmann, Editor in Chief, Duiken Magazine

      Argonaut Features

      Boots Boots

      Tech Boots

      2.5mm compressed neoprene with reinforcement at heel and toes for maximim ankle flexibility. The boots feature an ergonomic footbed to maximise warmth and comfort when in and out of the water, and retaining ankle straps. Dry sock option is also available.

      Boots Boots

      Standard Boots

      4mm compressed neoprene for warmth and comfort, double reinforcment across the foot for durability. The boots feature an ergonomic footbed to maximise warmth and comfort when in and out of the water, and retaining ankle straps. Dry sock option is also available.

      Pockets Pockets


      Two large thigh pockets are supplied as standard, with wetnotes sleeve, bungee loops for securing equipment and secure hook and loop fastening.

      Zip Zip


      The YKK Aquaseal composite zip is used in the cross chest entry, maximising flexibility and ease of donning. This is at the cutting edge of dry zip technology and was developed to replace the heavier, more bulky traditional dry zips.

      Collar Collar


      A warm-neck collar combined with HD Latex neck seal combines performance and comfort.

      Seams Seams


      Duratex tape is used to protect the outside of the seams from abrasion. Flat seams are taped inside and out for strength and reliability.

      Panels Panels


      Duratex panels reinforce key wear areas including shoulders, elbows and knees.

      Teloscopic Torso Teloscopic Torso

      Telescopic Torso

      Telescopic Torso design with elasticated crotch strap and internal braces.

      Valves Valves


      Your choice of Si-Tech or Apeks inflate and deflate valves are fitted as standard.

      wrist seals wrist seals

      Wrist Seals

      HD tear-resistant latex wrist seals are fitted as standard. Neoprene or silicone seals are available as options. The SiTech Antares system allows for several dry glove options in conjunction with silicone seals.

      wrist seals wrist seals

      Freedom of Movement

      The new torso design ensures almost totally unrestricted mobility, to provide outstanding freedom of movement, especially useful for valve shutdowns.


      biomap logo

      Imagine that you could walk into a dive store, have two photos taken which will produce accurate measurements of your body, then customise your drysuit requirements and place an order for a suit that fits perfectly, the entire process being carried out using an iPad.

      Find out more...

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      drysuit designer logo

      Use our DRYSUIT DESIGNER in the Argonaut Online Tools to discover the different options that are available for your suit – create an online specification and email it to yourself so that you can bring this to a dealer to discuss the best option for you.

      Try the DRYSUIT DESIGNER here

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      Argonaut Size Charts

      Use the table below as a guide to help select which size Argonaut drysuit best suits your body type.

      If you require any further assistance/advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Please Note that we will now be using single sizes on all women’s products. Some stock may still be labelled with split sizing. In this case, please use the first of the two sizes e.g. a garment labelled 10/12 equates to size 10.

      * Inside Leg Measurements are taken from the crotch to the floor.

      Mens Sizes

      Sizes Height Chest Waist Hip Arm Length Inside Legs*
      Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm
      S Short 168-173 85-95 68-78 80-90 55-60 75.5-79.5
      S 173-178 85-95 68-78 80-90 57.5-62.5 78-82
      S Tall 178-183 85-95 68-78 80-90 60-65 80.5-84.5
      M Short 173-178 95-105 78-88 90-100 57.5-62.5 78-82
      M 178-183 95-105 78-88 90-100 60-65 80.5-84.5
      M Tall 183-188 95-105 78-88 90-100 62.5-67.5 83-87
      L Short 178-183 105-115 88-98 100-110 60-65 80.5-84.5
      L 183-188 105-115 88-98 100-110 62.5-67.5 83-87
      L Tall 188-193 105-115 88-98 100-110 65-70 84.5-89.5
      XL Extra Short 178-183 115-125 98-108 110-120 60-65 80.5-84.5
      XL Short 183-188 115-125 98-108 110-120 62.5-67.5 83-87
      XL 188-193 115-125 98-108 110-120 65-70 84.5-89.5
      XL Tall 193-198 115-125 98-108 110-120 67.5-72.5 88-92
      XXL Extra Short 183-188 125-135 108-118 120-130 62.5-67.5 83-87
      XXL Short 188-193 125-135 108-118 120-130 65-70 84.5-89.5
      XXL 193-198 125-135 108-118 120-130 67.5-72.5 88-92
      XXXL Extra Short 188-193 135-141 118-128 130-140 65-70 84.5-89.5
      XXXL Short 193-198 135-141 118-128 130-140 67.5-72.5 88-92
      XXXL 198-203 135-141 118-128 130-140 70-75 90.5-94.5

      Please note all womens sizes are in UK sizes. See the chart at the bottom of the page for a comparison reference.

      Womens Sizes

      Sizes Height Bust Waist Hips Arm Length Inside Leg*
      Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm
      8 154-160 74-82 58-64 82-90 54.5-58.5 71-75
      8 Tall 160-166 74-82 58-64 82-90 56.5-60.5 74-78
      10 Short 154-160 82-90 66-74 90-98 54.5-58.5 71-75
      10 159-165 82-90 66-74 90-98 56.5-60.5 74-78
      10 Tall 164-170 82-90 66-74 90-98 58.5-62.5 77-81
      12 Short 159-165 90-98 74-82 98-106 56.5-60.5 74-78
      12 164-170 90-98 74-82 98-106 58.5-62.5 77-81
      12 Tall 169-175 90-98 74-82 98-106 60.5-64.5 80-84
      14 Short 164-170 98-106 82-90 106-114 58.5-62.5 77-81
      14 169-175 98-106 82-90 106-114 60.5-64.5 80-84
      14 Tall 174-180 98-106 82-90 106-114 62.5-66.5 83-87
      16 Short 168-174 106-114 90-98 114-122 60.5-64.5 80-84
      16 174-180 106-114 90-98 114-122 62.5-66.5 83-87
      16 Tall 179-185 106-114 90-98 114-122 64.5-68.6 87-91
      18 Short 174-180 114-122 98-106 122-130 62.5-66.5 83-87
      18 179-185 114-122 98-106 122-130 64.5-68.5 87-91
      18 Tall 184-190 114-122 98-106 122-130 66.6-70.5 89-93

      Comparison chart

      UK USA France Germany Italy
      6 4 34 32 38
      8 6 36 34 40
      10 8 38 36 42
      12 10 40 38 44
      14 12 42 40 46
      16 14 44 42 48
      18 16 46 44 50
      20 18 48 46 52