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Raising Awareness for the Protection of Sharks Worldwide

70 – 100 million sharks a year are killed by humans, the vast majority of these are killed simply for their fins. Fourth Element are proud to support The Shark Trust, and were even named was the winner of the Shark Trust’s Shark Champions award in 2008, thanks to our work to raise public awareness of the plight of sharks and raising over £12,000 pounds for the charity through the sales of our Shark Trust t-shirts.

The vast majority of these are killed simply for their fins. Such senseless slaughter and greed is causing fishermen to abandon traditional catches in pursuit of ever younger shark, often killing the animals before they reach breeding age. The outlook for many shark species is bleak. Some populations are thought to have fallen by as much as 90% and the world demand is still growing.

The Shark Trust was established in 1997, to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action. The Trust is: a founder member of the Shark Alliance; the Secretariat of the European Elasmobranch Association; and a membership organisation which provides a link between the public and the science community.

You can help, firstly, by boycotting restaurants that serve Shark Fin Soup, preferably educating the restaurateurs as to why in the process. Secondly, you can show people who may be tempted to kill sharks that they are a source of sustainable revenue through tourism. Thirdly, you can help the Shark Trust lobby government locally and further afield. We may be able to intervene before its too late.

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