The Year Aquatic - Steve Lindfield : OWUSS Scholar

Steve Lindfield's journey as the 2008 Australasian Rolex Scholar for the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society. Diving for a year at locations such as Lord Howe Island, Ningaloo Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Poor Knights Islands and Indonesia.

The Scholarship Society is dedicated to fostering young talent. Every year, three young people with a passion for diving start a journey of discovery, not just about the ocean, careers in diving and the people involved in the underwater world, but also about themselves.

The alumni of this Scholasrhip Society include some of the most influential divers in the world from BBC filmmakers to diving equipment manufacturers and marine scientists involved in cutting edge research. The Liquivision Dive Computers are designed in part by an ex Scholar and the founder of Light and Motion was the recipient of the scholarship in 1987. The award winning BBC series Galapagos was made by a former scholar, and another taught Harry Potter (well, the actor Daniel Radcliffe) to dive.

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