Project Shiphunt : Sony | NOAA | Fourth Element

Project Shiphunt, developed by Sony and Intel Corp, began in May when five ambitious high school students from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw, Michigan, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Led by Fourth Element Dive Team member and shipwreck hunting legend - James Delgado, their mission: hunt for a historically meaningful sunken ship, investigate its identity, and document the journey in 3D video for future generations. Sony and Intel outfitted these students with the latest Sony VAIO computers powered by 2nd gen Intel® Core™ processors. The student team worked side by side with scientists and historians from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

Produced for Current TV by 180LA and Radical Media. Fourth Element worked as part of the production team, assisting in mapping the shipwrecks in 3D for the ROV operations.

CLICK HERE to see 3D shipwrecks from Thunder Bay Nation Marine Sanctuary