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Tamara May

Tamara May - Trimix Diver

After a trip to a her mothers village Tamagido on the north east coast of Papua New Guinea the vibrancy of the reef, the deep blue of the drop off and stories of wrecks from WW2 scattered across the land and seas was enough inspiration to explore more of what's beneath the surface.

Originally from Australia, she has participated in many reef conservation activities including coral watch surveys, creating artificial reefs, mooring line restoration and maintenance and underwater clean up dives.

A few years of teaching recreational diving, speciality courses, working on Instructor Development Courses, progressing as a technical diver; Thailand pulled strings at her curiosity for more depth and challenges.

Tamara entered the sidemount configuration revolution here, diving many wrecks and the tree filled underwater valleys of Khao Sok National Park in search of the temple, houses and school that still lies in the depths.

She has since taken her sidemount diving system across the world to warm and cold waters, overhead environments, multi stage trimix dives and stage cave dives in an effort to continuing to learn and practise all aspects.

The Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt and the deep canyons along the coast line became her playground with Team Blue Immersion, teaching technical courses after completing advanced trimix diver, sidemount and technical instructor levels.

Here she had the pleasure and responsibility as surface support and support diver for many deep TRIMIX open circuit dives working together with Ocean Reef Integrated Diver Mask.

After practising in depth dive planning and experiencing the depths of the blue hole, surrounding canyons and walls it was time for new challenges as a diver and instructor.

Her future holds new adventures and experiences across the globe, an avid photographer, she continues to document the underwater history of sunken wrecks and underwater caves on her journey across the world as a dive Instructor and cave diver.

Tamara is now located in Portofino - Italy as Co-manager, Sidemount and Technical diving instructor at Ocean Reefs IT Centre - Il Grande Blu Diving Centre for summer prior to returning to the Riviera Maya, Mexico to continue her Cave Instructor training.

An expedition back to her mothers homeland of Papua New Guinea to dive the reefs and sunken wrecks of the surrounding seas and show the beautiful country and its people awaits.

Tamara has also featured in a PADI Promotional video 'Go Dive', and an independent Instructional Sidemount Video used in a PADI TecRec Instructor Course.

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