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Ben Reymenants - Dive Medic and Hyperbaric Technician

Belgium born Ben Reymenants started diving in 1991 and has been teaching diving for nearly two decades. Having taught all over the world, from Egypt to Canary Islands, Australia, Mexico and finally ended up in Thailand. where he got in contact with a recompression chamber. He became a Dive Medic, and passed his Board Certification for Hyperbaric Technician. He soon realised the vacuum on medical data available to the dive professional, he subsequently authored a chamber operator manual and ran regular chamber operator courses for dive instructors . He became the manager for a large recompression chamber network for nearly a decade, in which he assessed and treated more than 400 cases of decompression sickness. Throughout his career, Ben followed dive medical seminars in South Africa, Australia and Spain and has been working closely with different Hyperbaric Specialists and DAN Europe.

Whilst living in Thailand, Ben has done some record breaking dives like a 239 meter dive in Sra Keow cave in Thailand. Also holding the deepest ocean dive at one point with a dive to 202.5m in the Blue Hole in Dahab.

Ben is one of the few CCR-Cave IT’s worldwide. Holds instructor trainer levels for most agencies and was recently assigned to write SSI's Cave and rebreather manuals.

Ben lives in Thailand where he runs BlueLabelDiving with his wife Simone. Their main focus lies on Technical diving tuition, cave expeditions and Dive Medical seminars.,

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