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Mark Addison - Passionate Shark Conservationist, Diver, Underwater Cameraman and Photographer.

He spends his time diving with the oceans' top predators. Mark has spent 20 years leading Blue Wilderness Dive Expeditions and working within the waters of South Africa where he guides expedition members on dives with many fearsome sharks.

Mark Addison heads this dynamic underwater filming logistics and expedition company. Mark has spent the past 20 years pioneering shark diving and big animal dive sites and products in and around southern Africa. Addison's company serves a demanding clientele who bring the most amazing underwater and shark images to the world’s screens and print media.

According to Addison "My challenge is to ensure that Blue Wilderness has a fix on all of the natural history that occurs on the coast. An extensive support group ranging from scientists to a network of coastal informers, such as anglers and onto coastal aviators ensures that no event is missed, from whale strandings to extraordinary offshore sightings."

"Our pioneering effort in support of the natural history of the coast for filming, photography and science also means that this information and these opportunities are available to recreational divers and marine enthusiasts" says Addison.


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