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Shark Bay - Award Winning Team of Underwater Filmmakers

John Boyle, Fionn Crow Howeison and Eddie Milano Rourke are a specialist team of underwater and documentary filmmakers. Their three film series “Critters” won a double Palme d’Or at the Underwater Film Festival in Antibes, and since then they have impressed critics and underwater enthusiasts alike with their amazing footage, sometimes being the first people to film species in the wild.

From exploring inland “blue holes” to in depth studies of the marine wildlife of Papua New Guinea, Shark Bay’s films have an adventurous quality.

‘Caymania’, is a dive film inspired by the travelogue style surf films of the 1970’s and early 80’s. It is one of the first films to be shot in the Cayman Islands and has become something of a classic.

Another film which shows the team’s versatility is ‘Email From A Shark’, documenting the research efforts going into the lifecycle of the Basking Shark, combining footage shot off the coast of Cornwall, with interviews with leading scientists, the film reveals some surprising things about the second largest fish in the sea.

The team’s most recent film, ‘From Moresby to Manus’ is a dive guide in the truest sense – charting one of the last remaining frontiers of scuba diving. The film details areas where no one has dived before and some of the footage is mind blowing.

Jungle Blue was shot in a mysterious newly discovered freshwater Blue Hole in Papua New Guinea.

“Diving in strong currents in water known to be populated with crocodiles added a certain element of excitement. This coupled with complicated decompression procedures designed to cope with the exploration of an unknown cave system gave this expedition an edge unlike any other. We recruited local labourers from villages untouched by western 21st Century influences. We were the first divers to be seen by the locals for whom diving into the river was an entirely alien concept. And when disaster struck, and one of our camera housings imploded at the entrance to the cave system 50 metres down, there was absolutely no chance of getting spare parts delivered to us!

Five years of planning led to a series of dives in which Jim determined that the cave system was huge and worthy of many more expeditions”.

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