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Linden Wolbert - Real life mermaid, freediver and scuba diver

Linden Wolbert is a real life mermaid - or as close as it gets. With a breath-hold time of 4 and a half minutes, realistic tail incorporating a competition freediving monofin, she makes her way in life, spending much of it in or under the water. A professional model, freediver and advocate of the oceans, Linden has always felt most comfortable and happy in the water and her career has taken her all over the globe.

Her assignments are not all about being a mermaid. She has worked for PADI, helping to promote drysuit and advanced diving and she is an International AIDA Judge, freediving coach and Sports journalist, offering her talents to sites such as for whom she was the roving reporter covering the DEMA show in 2008.

A BA in Film and Science has been invaluable as Linden’s knowledge both behind and in front of the camera have proven themselves time and again in her work. Through her work, she hopes to reach, inspire and educate others about ocean conservation through her unusual line of work and prove that mermaids are REAL! Linden resides in Los Angeles, CA. When not wearing her tail, she is a keen scuba diver and chooses the fourth element 3mm proteus.

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These are just two of Linden's recent experiences...

Mermaid in Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island! Mermaid Linden pulled out her passport and swam to none other than UNEXSO, the world-famous Underwater Explorer’s Society, for a very special photo shoot. Aboard UNEXSO’s Explorer II boat, Underwater Photographer Matthew Addison donned his scuba unit and impressive camera rig. Chief Safety Diver and UNEXSO Shark Feeder extraordinaire Cristina Zenato zipped up her wetsuit, and Mermaid Linden dived into the clear, warm waters for an encounter like no other: Swimming with Caribbean Reef Sharks in Bahamian seas!

Upon entering the water, an unsuspecting Remora caught sight of Linden’s tail and fell in love, trying desperately to hitch a ride on the oversized fluke…a hilarious sight! After shooing the determined hitchhiker away, the crew of mermaid, photographer and safety divers descended into 50 feet of water to capture an assortment of incredible photographs amongst an audience of sharks, grouper fish and a lush reef backdrop that resembled an underwater playground.

The dive yielded the most beautiful photographs, captured by the talented Matthew Addison. UNEXSO made the dives effortless with their attentive staff of boat captains, divers and naturalists; and Mermaids in Motion were grateful for the invitation and unforgettable experience! Special thanks to the crew at UNEXSO and the dedication of the legendary shark woman, Cristina Zenato, for making it all possible!

Vertical Blue 2009

When Mermaid Linden isn’t busy at work, her other passion is freediving. As an AIDA judge for Vertical Blue 2009 in the Bahamas at Dean’s Blue Hole, Linden enjoyed the best seat in the house as over 20 National freediving records and 5 astounding World Records fell within the 11-day event.

Hosted by World Champion Freediver William Trubridge, participants enjoy breath-taking surroundings on Long Island, Bahamas at Deadman’s Cay. The deepest natural blue hole in the world, Dean’s boasts depths of 202 meters (663 feet!). This permits competitive depth divers to stretch their lungs (or compress them, rather) to the max!

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