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“I eat, sleep and breathe it”. That is what you might say when you are passionate about something, when it becomes so much a part of your everyday life that it is never far from your mind.

Fourth Element adventures is for those who eat sleep and breathe diving, like us. Immerse yourself in a world of intrepid expeditions, beautiful images, both still and video. Take a virtual dive on one of our 3D wreck tours or read about some of the divers we sponsor and what they do. Learn about the environmental projects that we support, from the work of the Shark Trust, to our support of a phD at Exeter University in marine science.

Better still, join us. Let us know about your dives, enter our monthly competitions, submit images you have taken and become a part of the iDive team. For yet more interesting and exciting videos, photos and stories that we find out there on the web, Like us on facebook.

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